PMC of Pinner provide high quality car servicing at very competitive rates which are cheaper than that offered by a main dealer. Our aim is to protect your vehicle warranty and therefore we only use good quality, manufacturer approved parts and a top quality grade of oil.

Regular servicing is recommended to ensure your vehicle continues to give you reliability and peak performance, which will save you money in the long term as it will avoid major repair bills and helping you retain as much of its original value as possible. A full service history not only maintains the performance of your vehicle but also makes the car more attractive to prospective buyers, when the time comes for you to replace it.

Servicing involves a serious of detailed checks on your vehicle. The number and areas that need checking depend on the type of service you want for your vehicle and its current mileage.

Interim Service

An Interim service is carried out at 6 months or 6000 miles, whichever comes first. It involves a comprehensive service, involving over 35 checks which include:-

Checks include:

  • Replace engine oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Check tyre wear
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Exhaust check
  • Handbrake check
  • Brake fluid check & top up if necessary

Full Service

A Full Service is recommended at 12 Months or 12,000 miles and involves a comprehensive series of checks, which enables your vehicle’s performance to remain at its maximum level.

The Full Service involves over 50 detailed checks, covering every part of your vehicle as well as those included in the interim service, plus the inspection of:

  • Engine
  • Gearbox mountings
  • Clutch operation
  • Alternator charging rate
  • Power steering components
  • Braking system

Whether it’s an interim or full service you need, if want your vehicle serviced by highly experienced and qualified mechanics, contact PMC of Pinner today on 020 8868 0088

Timing Belt

When is your timing belt due?

When it comes to servicing your car your timing belt/cambelt replacement is by far the most important serviceable component of your car’s engine. The timing belt/cambelt has an incredibly important job controlling the camshafts in the engine and keeps it running smoothly, if left unchanged and it breaks, repairs to your vehicle will be costly.

As a responsible car owner it is important that you know the change interval of your timing belt/cambelt. Going over the manufacturers’ recommendation can lead to a slipped or snapped belt. In many cases this requires a new engine or engine build costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds.