Air Conditioning

You need to get your air conditioning system checked from time to time. Why?

A new or well-serviced air conditioning system is filled 100% with a refrigerating agent and should not contain air, water, bacteria or dirt. However, due to unavoidable loss, up to 10% of the refrigerating agent may escape from the air conditioning system. If the refrigerating agent and water are left unchecked, it forms acid and over time this can attack the various parts of the air conditioning system. It can also cause corrosion and bacteria to grow, affecting the function of the air conditioning system. The damage caused by this can lead to high repair costs.

Servicing your air conditioning involves measuring the temperature of the air entering the vehicle and removing the old refrigerant safely from your vehicle. The system is vacuumed to remove all traces of air and water. To remove the impurities the air conditioning gas is filtered and then recharged back into the vehicle. Any lost gas is replaced and a leak detecting U.V. dye is injected. Finally, the system is fully tested for leaks and efficiency.

We now offer a range of Air Conditioning related services:

  • Free Air Conditioning Performance Test
  • Checks system pressures and vent temperature
  • Compare to recommended levels
  • Anti-bacterial system clean
  • Treats the problem of stale smelling at source
  • Prevents the problem returning for 12 months
  • Full A/C Service
  • As per Performance Test
  • Recover refrigerant
  • Evacuates air and moisture from the system
  • Leak test
  • Recharge to recommended levels adding fresh oil as necessary
  • Full visual inspection

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The exhaust system is one of the most important components of your vehicle. Not only because it is constantly in use whilst the engine is running but also due to the fact that the exhaust system helps to direct poisonous gases away from the vehicle’s interior, preventing the driver from being exposed to poisonous gases. It also ensures the vehicle is as fuel efficient as possible.

At PMC of Pinner, we can supply an extensive range of exhausts for any make and model of vehicle, with a 2 year unlimited mileage guarantee.

Usually, the exhaust system comprises of 4 sections:

  • Manifold
  • Front Downpipe
  • Centre section
  • Rear Silencer box.

The rear silencer is the part that most commonly becomes defective. This is due to moisture gathering inside the box, which attacks the metal. Corrosion from the inside results in a hole, which causes the exhaust to blow.

Your vehicle could potentially fail its MOT test with a defective exhaust. It also causes excessive noise which could mean that your vehicle is illegal and could lead to a fixed penalty fine. More importantly, a faulty and unchecked exhaust may also result in fumes entering the car, leading to headaches and sickness.

So whether it’s a new exhaust system or a partial part replacement you need, drive into PMC of Pinner or contact us today on 020 8868 0088

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are fitted on all vehicles registered after 1993. The purpose of the catalytic converter is to clean the emissions from the engine and to remove harmful particles and carbon monoxide gas; so that the final gas from the exhaust pipe is essentially carbon dioxide and water vapour.

Emission readings for cars with converters and those without are huge, which shows that they are really efficient. The good thing is that catalytic converters have a good life expectancy, but should be checked periodically for internal and external damage.

A major part of the MOT test now involves checking emissions from vehicles so it is important that your engine and exhaust system is in good order, to avoid damage to the catalytic converter.